Product Description

EvoVis® viscosifier is a proprietary anionic polymer that primarily provides viscosity and serves as an inhibitive coating agent for drilled cuttings in water-based drilling fluids. It also provides filtration control as a secondary function.

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EvoVis viscosifier delivers sufficient viscosity to effectively provide barite suspension, as well as optimize hole cleaning and management of rheological properties in water-based fluids containing little or no bentonite or other commercial clay viscosifiers. It also provides an inhibitive coating to drilled cuttings and the wellbore. EvoVis viscosifier contributes no solids to water-based drilling fluid systems designed for specialized applications requiring tolerance to high temperature and/or contaminants such as CO2, which may cause elevated viscosity issues with conventional bentonite drilling fluids.


EvoVis viscosifier is designed for use in the Evolution® water-based drilling fluid system, Newpark’s proprietary high-performance water-based technology designed for unconventional horizontal wells. EvoCon® fluid conditioner is recommended for use with EvoVis to optimize system performance. When used in conjunction with EvoLube® DPE performance enhancer, lubricity and viscosity-building capabilities are enhanced under HPHT conditions. EvoVis viscosifier performs best in freshwater. Adequate pit agitation is recommended. It is not recommended for use in traditional drilling fluids containing bentonite.

Treatment Recommendation

EvoVis viscosifier is typically used in concentrations of 0.25-6.0 lb/bbl (0.03-0.76 gal/bbl). Concentrations are carefully selected during the design phase of the drilling fluid. Control of fluid system pH in mid-ranges is recommended for optimal viscosity maintenance. It may be added directly through the hopper.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance:Opaque, beige, viscous liquid
Flash Point:.>225°F (107°C)
pH (2% solution at 23°C):6.3
Specific Gravity:0.95-1.0

Handling and Storage

EvoVis viscosifier is extremely slippery. Use caution around spills. Use appropriate hygiene, clothing and personal protective equipment suitable for work being done. Review the SDS thoroughly before using this product.


EvoVis viscosifier is available in 5-gallon (19-liter) pails.

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