Product Description

EvoMod® low-end rheology modifier viscosifies waterbased drilling fluids when down-hole temperatures exceed 275°F (135°C).

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In high-temperature applications, EvoMod rheology modifier exhibits several superior and desirable performance characteristics:

  • Effective in extremely low concentrations, where it contributes little to overall solids content
  • Resistant to many common drilling contaminants particularly CO2
  • Thermally stable above 400°F (204°C)


In the Evolution® fluid system, Newpark Drilling Fluids’ unique clay-free high-performance water-based fluid designed for unconventional horizontal wells, the EvoMod low-end rheology modifier boosts low-shear-rate rheology, improving barite suspension, especially when annular velocity is low or fluid density is high.

In Evolution applications in which bottomhole temperatures exceed 275°F (135°C), EvoMod concentrations of 0.1-2.0 lb/bbl provide desirable temperature stability and contamination resistance, and enhance system performance through formulation.

EvoMod low-end rheology modifier can also supplement NewGel™ viscosifier in water-based applications featuring demanding geological conditions. Pilot testing is strongly recommended.

Treatment Recommendation

EvoMod rheology modifier can be mixed directly into the system through the hopper.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance:White, free-flowing powder
Flash Point:N/A
pH (2% solution at 23°C):9.8

Handling and Storage

EvoMod rheology modifier is slippery when wet. Use caution around spills. Avoid breathing dust. Use appropriate hygiene, clothing and personal protective equipment suitable for work being done. Review the SDS thoroughly before using this product.


EvoMod rheology modifier is available in 55-pound (25-kilogram) and 6.5-gallon (24.6-liter) plastic pails.

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