An Innovative Solution For Equipotential Zones In Utility Applications

Jobsite access for utility construction and maintenance projects is now better than ever with our DURA-BASE EPZ Grounding System. Expanding upon benefits of the DURA-BASE composite mat, the fully integrated EPZ system’s patented technology provides an innovative solution for creating equipotential zones. Keep workers safe by reducing electrical danger, and providing a strong work platform during potential hazardous activities including pulling of wire from spools, stringing of line and creating mobile platforms for temporary substations.

EPZ Grounding System before EPZ Grounding System after

The EPZ Grounding System provides a systematic circuit for an energized current to follow by bonding all conductive components to an earthen ground, creating a predominant circuit. Voltage is then gained from the predominant circuit and transferred to the EPZ grating, equalizing the electrical potential among all conductive equipment atop the EPZ System.

Newpark EPZFeatures & Benefits of the EPZ Grounding System

  • Safety – Increased protection for workers; components enable an EPZ solution to increase grating conductivity and reduce risk of electrical arcing.
  • Stabilization – Ability to work in uneven or saturated areas; EPZ mats interlock to create a continuous work surface minimizing the possibility of mat separation or lifted edges.
  • Efficiency – Save time and money when compared to alternatives; transport up to 3x as many mats per truck, rapid install and dismantle of full EPZ solution.
  • Environmental Protection – Leave no trace; minimal post-job reclamation. EPZ mats are impervious to liquids, contaminants are not carried from one job to the next.

Connector StrapsThe Connector Straps create electrical continuity from mat to mat.

EPZ bus bars 2Bus Bars - Custom bus bars can be attached anywhere on the mat grating for easy connection of grounding wires, bolts and cables.

Fencing - Optional safety barrier system meets all OSHA lead load requirements for steel and fiberglass rails and posts.

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