For Mineral Exploration

Newpark provides drilling fluids products and engineering services designed specifically for mining exploration operations. Based in Nevada and Arizona, Newpark’s mining services utilize Newpark Drilling Fluids’ full United States and Canada facility network to meet the needs of our North American customers. Newpark’s global locations extend the reach of this group. With historical roots in the mining industry, Newpark’s 2008 expansion of its fluids division into mineral exploration was a natural move.

Newpark Drilling Fluids’ goal is to provide our customers with optimum core recovery for a competitive price, superior service, with deliveries made within 24-hours of receipt, 365 days a year.

Mineral exploration uses both rod and wireline coring techniques to evaluate potential mines for ore quality. Drilling fluid flows between the core and the drill rod, but generally does not return to surface. The drill rod spins at 1,500 to 2,500 RPM within a wellbore with only a 1/8 of an inch annular space. Hydraulics management is key in these small, rapidly developing operations. The quality of the information derived from the cores depends on optimal core recovery with the goal of ensuring cores remains intact. Torque and drag can cause the drill rod to shake (known as “rod rattle”). If the core sample is not stable, the shaking can break the core into pieces. Newpark Drilling Fluids has developed DrillEase 233 for torque and drag reduction, thereby reducing vibration during the coring operations. In addition, the inhibition of DrillEase 233 reduces core filtrate invasion and minimizes core destabilization, increasing the likelihood the core will remain intact. Newpark’s proprietary technology saves time, improves results and reduces mineral exploration project costs.

Our Products

Newpark Drilling Fluids has assumed a leadership role in forward-thinking fluid system development. Newpark R&D is specifically geared toward development of environmentally superior products and systems whose drilling and operational performance equals or exceeds that of current technology.

Based on the technology with Newpark Drilling Fluids’ high-performance water-based drilling fluids system for drilling highly inhibitive clay and shale formations, our proprietary mining product, DrillEase™ 233, provides unsurpassed torque and drag reduction, rate of penetration enhancement and shale inhibition. The DrillEase™ 233 performance enhancer was formulated specifically for mining applications. It blends the exceptional performance-enhancing technology of Newpark’s Evolution® system with the optimal shale inhibition technology of our DeepDrill® system.

Drillease 233 Inhibition Mechanisms

Polyol Chemistry

  • Applications
    • Non-ionic materials for activity reduction, hydrogen bonding to clay surfaces, membrane development

  • Benefits
    • Improved shale stability, lubricity and rate-of-penetration; reduced risk of hydrate formation when gas encountered

Emulsified Phase

  • Applications
    • Improves membrane, coats formation surfaces with non-aqueous film

  • Benefits
    • Lubricity, rate-of-penetration, shale stability


  • Low Environment Impact
    • Surpasses environmental requirements; environmentally sound.

  • ROP Enhancement
    • Reduces torque and drag in low concentrations.

  • Cost & Time Reduction
    • Maximizes efficiencies and core quality reducing customer costs.

  • Friction Reduction
    • Increases bit life and improves casing recovery.

  • Wellbore Stability
    • Minimizes drilling-related non-productive time through inhibition of clays and shales.

  • Core Optimization
    • Maximizes the integrity of the core, especially where highly reactive clays are encountered.

System Components


An environmentally sound performance enhancer, formulated specifically for mining applications, that reduces torque and drag, increases penetration rates, and inhibits shale and clay.


  • NewGel XHY
    • Extra high-yield premium bentonite viscosifier

  • DynaLose CM
    • Fluid control agents

  • Soda Ash
    • Alkalinity Control Agent


  • DynaFiber, Magma Fiber and NewSwell
    • Lost circulation materials

  • PAC L R
    • Alternate fluid control agents

Product Bulletins & MSDS

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