Newpark Mats & Integrated Services offers the best technology in temporary containment systems available. Our high-density polyethylene liners are used under DURA-BASE® mats and wraps up into the Stonghold Berm system.

The addition of our containment system to DURA-BASE® mats means full containment of water, hydrocarbons, chemicals, hydraulic oil, transformer fluids and any other spill on your site. These hazardous liquids will not reach the soil below Newparks liners.

From oil and gas drilling sites – lining the mats under large frack tanks – to a transformer site – lining the mats under the access road – our containment system offers full peace of mind for any industry hoping to avoid environmental violations.

Containment System

  • Customizable sizes
  • Welded seems
  • Thickness up to 120 milliliters
  • Strong
  • Plyable

While we recommend using Newparks containment system with our DURA-BASE® mats, they are also functional when used independent of the mats. The versatility of our containment system makes them useful in a wide variety of applications.