Newpark Mats & Integrated Services designs, constructs and installs cellars for your drilling rigs. Our cellars are built with a steel reinforced profile which provides durability and stability while also supporting the rig above. Still, our cellars are lightweight for easy handling and quick installation.

Our cellars are crack resistant and elastic making it a popular choice for a variety of projects. Our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cellars range from 6 to 8 feet, but we will also work with you to provide the exact size you’re looking for.

Cellars can be used as a containment point under your rig, especially with the addition of one of our liners to the outside. This aids in your goal of meeting environmental regulations and requirements.

We build:

  • Drill rig cellars
  • Gas well cellars
  • Pipe cellars
  • Well head cellars
  • Containment well cellars

Custom Fabricated Cellars

Our custom fabricated cellars are built with half-inch steel plate and are welded together to create a solid, water-tight seal. Each cellar has four exits for Flare Line. Optional ladders can be built for easy access. We also include a recessed lid for each cellar which provides a safe walking environment for foot traffic. We can fabricate our cellars to any custom size based on the needs of the project.

Tinhorn Cellars

A great economically friendly option, Tinhorn Cellars are our basic cellar. They are built with corrugated steel and, like our other cellar options, can be sized to any project. We offer delivery, installation and plastic application for our Tinhorn Cellars.

Cellar Installation

Newpark Mats & Integrated Services provides delivery and installation services for all our cellars. We use our own installation equipment including excavators, skid steers, loaders and more. We make sure to use the right technique to seal your cellar making it water-tight.