Newpark Drilling Fluid Systems

Based in Houston, Newpark Drilling Fluids (NDF) is the largest of the Newpark companies, and has expanded rapidly since its formation in 1997. Newpark has provided drilling fluid products and service excellence to thousands of wells on six continents. A leading provider in the U.S. and Canada, the company credits its rapid growth to its unique approach to customer service and efficiency improvement programs, fostered by a professional staff carefully chosen to mesh with the company’s business strategy.

Newpark's U.S. service activity averages several hundred rigs, with supply managed through a mature network of dozens of distribution centers. The company is active in the offshore GOM market, including deepwater locations, and in most U.S. areas of drilling activity, including onshore Texas and Louisiana, the Mid-Continent, Rocky Mountains and in the many burgeoning unconventional shale plays of North America.

Evolution Water-Based Drilling Fluid

Introducing Evolution®

Cleaner. Faster. Smarter.

Evolution, our newest high–performance water–based system, boasts unprecedented success in shale plays across the country.

After its highly anticipated debut, it joins the Newpark stable of highly respected proprietary drilling fluid systems.

Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluids

Water-based Drilling Fluids

oil baseddrilling fluid systems

Newpark offers industry-standard diesel or mineral oil-based and synthetic-based systems.

water based drilling fluids

Newpark’s FlexDrill proprietary product line is the output of the company’s ongoing R&D.

See what makes Newpark Drilling Fluids the world's leading provider of high-performance water-based drilling fluids technology

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