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Newpark Drilling Fluids

Newpark Drilling Fluids and Engineering Services (NDF) accounts for approximately 80 percent of Newpark’s revenues. NDF provides drilling fluid products and technical services globally, including solutions for technical drilling projects involving complex subsurface conditions, such as horizontal, directional, geologically deep or deep water drilling. Challenging projects require constant monitoring and critical engineering support of the fluids system during the drilling process.

United States

Newpark is active in the offshore GOM market, including deepwater locations, and in most U.S. areas of drilling activity, including onshore Texas and Louisiana, the Mid-Continent, Rocky Mountains and in the many burgeoning unconventional shale gas plays of North America.

South America

Since coming to Brazil in late 2005, Newpark Drilling Fluids has become one of the leading providers to the domestic market of Drilling Fluids, Completion Fluids, and Filtration Services.



For more than three decades, Newpark Drilling Fluids has provided effective fluid solutions to Canada's oil industry. It's our mission to be passionate experts delivering superior customized solutions for your wellbore.

Europe, Middle East and Africa

AVA joined Newpark Drilling Fluids in 2002 forming a synergy that has resulted in a strong, results driven team. Gaining the strength of Newpark’s R&D, along with Ava's long history of exceptional service throughout the Mediterranean and North Africa has created a winning combination.

Asia Pacific

Newpark Drilling Fluids has continued expanding its global reach through the 2011 acquisition of Australian-based Rheochem PLC’s drilling fluids and engineering services business. Newpark now has a strong presence in the growing Asia-Pacific region, with solid expertise in geothermal drilling fluids.

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Newpark Drilling Fluids

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Newpark’s substantial investment in proprietary engineering software ensures that both its field and supervisory technical staff are armed with the industry’s most advanced tools for addressing each drilling challenge.