At Newpark Resources, management recognizes that the quality of our employees, including office, technical, and field alike, is integral to the company’s reputation for superior service. Newpark is committed to delivering cutting-edge services by providing our employees with training and professional development. In addition to our core curriculum, we provide training on an as-needed basis to not only fill the needs of our customer base, but to ensure the continuous improvement of one of our most valuable assets - our employees.

Newpark Drilling Fluids Technology: FOUNDATIONS

With a wealth of combined experience in the lab and in the field, our instructors are chosen because of their hands-on experience working with all aspects of drilling fluids technology.

As a Drilling Fluids Specialist at Newpark, training is not just a requirement, it’s a culture. Beginning soon after employment, Drilling Fluid Specialists attend a rigorous eleven week course. The coursework exposes Newpark employees to a broad array of subjects ranging from chemistry, all the way to formulations of drilling fluids systems. Students spend the majority of their time in the Newpark Technology Center gaining experience using API testing and analysis procedures for various fluids systems. Additionally, midway through the course, a two-week field ride takes all the coursework from theory and the classroom, to practical application in a real world drilling environment. To complete the course, students will take a series of rigorous exams.

Newpark Drilling Fluids Technology: ADVANCED TRAINING

Newpark believes its employees should be lifelong learners. In addition to our Drilling Fluids Technology class, we offer comprehensive intermediate, advanced, and specialized training courses to enhance and strengthen competencies for service quality.


Newpark also offers a one week Foundations of Drilling Fluids Technology course, developed to give an overview of the drilling industry, basic drilling fluids, and various drilling fluids systems. The course allows the individual to explore the different properties, capabilities, and limitations associated with these systems, while providing hands-on experience testing real fluids in a laboratory environment. This course is ideal for a person in the drilling industry seeking a better understanding of drilling fluids and how they are used in today’s market.


Developing and maintaining a continuous improvement culture is critical to competitive posture and growth. As a result, Newpark strongly supports training and education in the quality sciences that include problem solving strategies. Consequently, internal courses include LEAN and Six Sigma, where LEAN facilitates the removal of waste and Six Sigma facilitates the reduction of variability. Both of these areas of specialization help to make Newpark’s critical business processes more efficient and effective.


Newpark is committed to growing our employee base and providing them with the learning and development needed to succeed. Combining online solutions with classroom-based instruction, Newpark offers a wide array of development courses. From beginner Microsoft Office instruction, to Teambuilding and Communication classes, to Project Management, Effective Presentations, and The Art of People Management, we believe in growing our talent internally.

Newpark Mats and Integrated Services: MAT UNIVERSITY

Newpark also demonstrates its commitment to customers and employees alike by providing a comprehensive training program of the DURA-BASE Composite Matting System. The program allows for the education and hands-on training concerning the use of DURA-BASE. We lead with safety and we drive with operational excellence in the application of real world needs. At the end of the program, individuals are provided exposure to best practices across multiple markets while applying DURA-BASE in a safe, economically sound, and practical design manner. The course is ideal for anyone who seeks to understand the value of DURA-BASE while differentiating a competitive advantage over similar technologies.