Supply & Logistics

Newpark Mats & Integrated Services is Proud to Provide the Most Reliable and Professional Site and Access Solutions in the World.

Using our DURA-BASE® Advanced Composite Mat technology, we build locations that are critical to the success of operations. Site access for any type of operation can often present major challenges. Fortunately, Newpark has a wide and varied background in dealing with supply and logistics. We have the crews, equipment, expertise and product that will provide you with the solutions you are looking for.


Newpark understands in order for any project to be on schedule, deliveries must be made on time. We have the ability to ship needed materials in-house but also a vast network of brokers that can meet deadlines and customer expectations for safety.


Part of any successful project is pre-positioning of assets. Newpark has an extensive network of sites throughout the US but also utilizes (when permitted) the ROW to stage assets for increased production. When given advance notice we can pre-position assets in as little as 24 hours.


Access installation and removal is as much about the right product selection as it is the personnel selected to do the job. Newpark exceeds on both measures. While we can install any type traditional access (stone or timbers), we have the worlds largest fleet of composite matting and the knowledgeable crews to install it. Our crews are highly skilled and able to install/remove access in most any terrain as well as ensure the site is left in as good or better condition when finished.


Having good project management is as important as picking the right tools for the job. Newpark has full time project managers that understand customer and project needs from start to finish.


In keeping with a turnkey approach, Newpark requires our employees to be traffic/flagger certified for those times when loading or unloading is required on public roadways. By having our own personnel manage this aspect we can better manage and improve production of a project. This also reduces communication and scheduling issues by having this done "in house".


One of the most important conditions of any project is emergency preparedness and response. No project would be a success without planning your work and working the plan. One of the foundations of any plan is consideration of the unknowns. Newpark, thorough its project management team, begins every project with development of an emergency plan for the mitigation of risks and how to respond if an issue does come up. Our number one goal is the safety of our employees, public and environment.