When it comes to energy extraction in the oil and gas industry, the need to meet increasing global demand in a world of diminishing resources is seemingly at odds with efforts to ensure ecologically friendly operations. 

As a forward-looking company, sustainability has never been a buzzword for Newpark. We view sustainability as a powerful tool to help our customers meet today’s demands without compromising what’s essential for tomorrow. We know that’s no easy task, so we continue to invest in value-added technology designed to provide innovative eco-solutions. At Newpark, we believe that our customers should not have to sacrifice performance to protect the environment.

At a time when our industry is being encouraged by governments and non-profit organizations to change its ways, Newpark is one step ahead.

And that’s just the beginning. We are committed to sustainable profitability—to us, practicing environmental responsibility is ensuring our business' sustainability.


Get to know some of them:

Newpark Drilling Fluids

Our drilling fluids division is leading the way in high-performance water-based drilling fluid with systems that outperform the industry’s oil-based predecessors.

Newpark Mat & Integrated Services

Our mats and integrated services division is a global leader of eco-sustainable, cost-effective solutions for penetrating difficult terrain with minimal impact.