Fluid Architect™ Engineering Software

The Fluid Architect application combines nine proprietary data management and modeling tools under a single umbrella to provide unequaled drilling fluids project planning and execution value. Its user-friendly design and ability to integrate multi-source data encourage its daily use by Newpark Drilling Fluids technical staff and clients in project planning and management activities.


The Portfolio module is the central library for Newpark Drilling Fluids project data. Portfolio combines a full list of our completed and ongoing projects with a complex filtering and reporting tool to provide cross-functional reporting and data analysis. The data contained in Portfolio is more than just offset well information. It is also used to spot trends, solve problems, programming and tendering, general reporting and training.


The Conduit module is used to capture and analyze the data available at the rig site. Used primarily by fluid service technicians, Conduit designs a timeline approach of drilling activities in order to provide timely and accurate information to all personnel working on the rig. Conduit is the entry point for most of the data the Fluid Architect modules use.


The Depot module tracks and requests product movement. Constantly checking well site inventory against Newpark’s ERP system, Depot spots potential shipping and usage errors before drilling is complete. When Conduit and Depot are used together, daily mud report cost totals match a final invoice.


The Timekeeper module is designed to optimize engineering and equipment rental services. Using historic data from Conduit, Timekeeper dictates maintenance schedules for equipment and optimizes personnel rig rotation.


The Surveyor module provides trend-based tracking for day-by-day analysis. Taking data from Conduit and splitting it by interval and mud report, Surveyor creates a multi-page spreadsheet with trend lines, charts, raw data, summaries of products, mud report values and spend.