At Newpark, we believe that safety is central to everything we do, is integrated into every step of operations, and we work continually to ensure it is at the core of our corporate culture. Our management systems and associated policies and procedures depend upon the actions of individuals for them to be effective and successful, and every individual in the organization has a role to play. Our employees are properly trained in all safety guidelines and requirements and actively engaged and empowered through programs such as these:

Behavioral Based Safety

Through this program, employees observe others during the performance of their jobs, and provide both positive and negative feedback as to whether observed actions are safe or at risk. By involving employees and giving them the responsibility to observe others, safe actions are recognized immediately and potentially unsafe actions are addressed immediately.

Stop Work Authority

Newpark’s Stop Work Authority policy empowers and expects individual employees to stop work immediately if they encounter a potentially unsafe condition. All Newpark employees and contractors have the authority and responsibility to stop any task or operation where concerns or questions regarding the control of health, safety and environmental risks exist. No work shall resume until all issues and concerns have been adequately addressed.