The Resolution reservoir drill-in fluid family is a customizable system, designed to protect the reservoir in a variety of drilling environments. By protecting the reservoir, the acid-soluble components help operator’s achieve maximum production. The formulations deliver ease of use in the field and offer quick clean-up with a thin filter cakes. The Resolution system is able to be used in high-salt environments and can handle divalent brines. Fluids can be formulated to 15 lb/gal or more using more variety of brines with heavier pills available for specific challenges. The system has demonstrated repeated success with extensive return permeability testing indicating low damage in the reservoir and can be engineered to handle high temperatures and pressures.

Some of the key system benefits include: shale inhibition, high penetration rates, effective hole cleaning, low formation damage and good fluid loss control.

Newpark’s new suite of drill-in fluids were developed for minimal formation permeability impairment. The water based drill-in fluid exhibits efficient clean-up due to low biopolymer content. Following Newpark’s philosophy of simple fluid design prompted the Reservoir scientists maximized the system’s utility while minimizing products.  Non-aqueous and HPHT drill-in fluids are near design completion.