You Make the Call

Integrity is Never To Be Sacrificed For The Sake Of Results

A guiding principle for the employees of Newpark Resources, individual integrity is critical to the Company's success. There is no more important issue than the  lawful and ethical conduct of employees in their relationships with customers, industry, governments and others. This principle applies in all countries and communities in which we operate.

To report evidence of improper activity, contact your immediate supervisor or the supervisor's manager. If it would not be appropriate to report concerns to your supervisor or the supervisor's manager (such as when the conduct involves those individuals), contact one the following:

  • For Accounting, Internal Accounting Controls for Auditing Matters: The Chief Financial Officer; Director of Internal Audit; or the General Counsel
  • For Employment-Related Matters: Human Resources representatives or the General Counsel
  • For All Other Matters: Director of Internal Audit or the General Counsel

While we prefer to have reports made directly to the Company, you also have the option to submit an anonymous report.

Anonymous reports can be submitted:

The website and phone center are operated by a third party that is not affiliated with Newpark. We have contracted these services so that our employees can submit reports without divulging their identity. Anonymous reports related to accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters are directed to the Chairman of the Audit Committee, in addition to senior management personnel of Newpark.