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As the world’s largest independent drilling fluids company, Newpark Drilling Fluids continually pushes the bounds of science and engineering in answering the challenges of today’s global drilling industry.

The Newpark Technology Center, opened in 2013, reflects our drive to deliver intelligent drilling fluids solutions for virtually all well types and environments. The 102,000 square foot facility combines state-of-the-art equipment and top drilling fluids scientists under one roof. With 37,000 square feet of technical space, a complete range of fluids labs and a one-of-a-kind Downhole Simulation Cell, Newpark Drilling Fluids stands ready to tame your most complex wells from ultra-deepwater to unconventional horizontals.

The Newpark Drilling Fluids Difference

Our expert team of chemists, engineers and technicians utilize top technology and equipment to research, develop and test groundbreaking drilling fluids systems every day. From advances in oil-based and synthetic fluids to the revolutionary Evolution® water-based system, our labs empower our teams with the ability to develop and test a broad range of high-performance drilling fluids and environmentally sound solutions.

Product Development Lab – The Newpark R&D team develops drilling fluid products and systems as diverse as the wells they serve. We continuously explore novel chemistries and product adaptations to optimize drilling fluid performance and address the unique challenges of your field.

Reservoir Services Lab – A new feature at the Technology Center, the Reservoir Services Lab accurately measures permeability changes of formation core samples in HPHT environments. Here, drill-in fluid development and optimization is the spotlight.

Analytical Lab – Our fluid scientists identify and quantify foreign components of field samples, mineral composition of shales and chemistry of products. The Analytical Lab is the central nervous system of the Newpark Technology Center as it supports quality assurance, field service and product development with state of the art tools.

QA Lab – Global quality assurance plays a vital role at the Newpark Technology Center. Not only do our skilled technicians ensure proven products meet specifications, the team also puts newly developed products through rigorous testing to determine standards for quality and performance.

Field Services Lab – Bring us your drilling fluids challenges, and we’ll find solutions. We take sample fluids right out of the field and bring them into the lab for stringent trouble shooting until we identify the right solution. Our scientists and technical teams formulate fluids to optimize your specific applications.

Applied Engineering Lab – In-house modeling allows our engineers to validate field performance. The particle plug tester (PPT) verifies optimal particle size distributions for wellbore strengthening and lost circulation. In addition, the Newpark Technology Center is home to the industry’s one-of-a-kind Downhole Simulation Cell (DSC). The DSC is a device that returns preserved core samples to in situ temperatures and pressures, and then circulates a potential drilling fluid while drilling with a 1” diameter microbit.

Reference Mud Lab – Newpark is the single source for Gulf of Mexico compliance testing of synthetic-based drilling fluids. In the Reference Mud Lab, our team develops the Gulf of Mexico’s reference fluid for LC50 sedimentary toxicity testing. Newpark maintains the reference fluid and provides the fluid for LC50 testing to the industry.