Defender logoDURA-BASE® DEFENDER integrates the field proven strength and durability of DURA-BASE® Advanced-Composite Mats into a technologically advanced new liner-less spill containment system. The result is a specially engineered and tested solution designed to better protect the environment, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce the costs associated with liners.

DEFENDER is the latest in Newpark’s commitment to delivering custom engineered solutions that reduce cost, protect the environment and provide greater value to customers. Combining years of direct oilfield experience with cutting edge technology, the new DURA-BASE® DEFENDER System represents a tremendous step forward in spill containment and Newpark’s dedication to environmental protection.


Building on the proven cost savings of DURA-BASE®

  • Decreases site construction cost (less rock/aggregate required)
  • Decreases site maintenance cost
  • Decreases site remediation cost
  • Decreases transportation cost
  • Reduces road maintenance

To bring our customers better performance, protection and value

  • Achieves total site containment of spills without the need for liners
  • Improves environmental performance
  • Eliminates cost of liner
  • Eliminates liner maintenance cost
  • Eliminates cost of liner disposal
  • Enhances site safety
  • Improves worker safety
  • Delivers rig-time savings through improved efficiency
  • Improves public perception

Your Site, Your Savings: See For Yourself

Newpark’s Proprietary ROI Calculator

ROI CalculatorClick here for more information and product literature

DEFENDER™ expands the proven cost savings of DURA-BASE® mats. The result is additional reductions in site maintenance and liner-related expenses, increased site safety and a higher level of spill containment and environmental protection. Whether it's scope, location or length of operation, no site or project is ever the same and no one knows your operational costs better than you do.

Newpark’s proprietary ROI calculator lets you input your own figures to identify your costs up front and better understand how the DURA-BASE® DEFENDER™ system can provide added value.