Product Description

GageTrol™ filtration control agent is a highly cross-linked substituted starch used as a fluid conditioner to reduce filtrate in the GageDrill™ mixed metal oxide (MMO) drilling fluid system. The product is also suitable for use in reservoir drill-in fluids (RDF) and has broader application as a fluid loss control additive providing low shear rate rheology.

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  • Effectively controls fluid loss in both MMO and conventional drilling fluids
  • Exhibits low damage characteristics in reservoir applications
  • Remains stable to 300°F (149°C)
  • Inhibits and encapsulates clay
  • Resists degradation, fermentation and enzymes without requiring a biocide


Generally, traditional fluid loss control products are ineffective in the GageDrill MMO drilling fluid system as they actually may interfere with the chemical mechanism that controls the behavior, and hence performance, of the system. However, the GageTrol product provides effective fluid loss control in the GageDrill system without any negative impact on fluid behavior. Filtration control is not fully realized until the fluid is exposed to downhole temperature, and performance improves as the temperature increases. The product can substituted for NewPac™ fluid loss control agent in conventional water-based drilling fluids.

Treatment Recommendation

Typically, a treatment of around 4 lb/bbl will deliver excellent fluid loss control. It should be noted that the nature of the fluid results in higher than normal filtration volumes when measured under static conditions (as prescribed by standard API methods). Therefore, API fluid loss values of 8-10 ml/30 min. are considered normal for the GageDrill fluid system. Both spurt loss and total filtrate loss measured under dynamic conditions have demonstrated lower values than those of conventional polymer fluids.

Typical Physical Properties

AppearanceGranular, off-white powder
Bulk Density30 – 45 lb/ft3 (481-721 kg/m3)
pH (4% solution)9.0-10.5
Water SolubilityComplete

Handling and Storage

Avoid creating dust. Use appropriate hygiene, clothing and personal protective equipment suitable for work being done. Review the SDS thoroughly before using this product.


GageTrol filtration control agent is available in 50-pound (22.7-kilogram) multi-walled bags.

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