DURA-BASE® is engineered to provide a safe, stable work platform and superior ground protection on almost any surface, enabling workers to get their jobs done on some of the most difficult and sensitive terrain on earth. DURA-BASE® has a proven track record all over the world – from the Gulf Coast bayou, to the jungles of Peru, the Alaskan tundra, the Amazon rainforest, and many of the deserts, wetlands, forests and farmlands in between. DURA-BASE® provides safe and efficient worksite access in all of these areas, while protecting landscape, plants, vegetation and wildlife.


Land areas that are saturated with water, either permanently or seasonally, form distinct ecosystems that host a wide range of plant and animal life and make access to work sites particularly challenging. Constructing temporary roads and work sites in wetland areas such as marshes, swamps and bogs pose no problem for DURA-BASE® mats.

Tidal Areas

Shoreline areas are subject to high and low tides forming tidal pools, which become home to many different kinds of organisms and present specific challenges for heavy equipment and safe work site access. Working in these areas is easy with DURA-BASE® mats on the job.

Native Prairies

Native prairies are ecologically diverse areas that are home to a variety of wildlife and plant species. For constructing temporary roadways and work sites in these areas, call on DURA-BASE® for its safe, stable and environmentally friendly ground protection.


Muskeg is a type of bog, or wet environment, found in northern regions of the world and consisting of dead plants that have been broken down by different types of bacteria and fungi. Canada has more muskeg than any other country in the world, and as you travel further north, the environment changes from muskeg to tundra – the name given to much of the land in the Canadian north. Underneath the tundra is permafrost, or permanently frozen ground, which can pose special challenges for work site access and temporary roadways. DURA-BASE® is engineered specifically for challenging environments such as these.


Dense, uncultivated land with heavy tropical vegetation describes jungle areas, and performing work in jungle areas is particularly challenging. With DURA-BASE®, you can be sure you’ll have a safe, stable and cost-effective solution for temporary roads and work sites in the jungle.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Agricultural areas that need special protection because of their landscape, wildlife or historical value are heavily regulated and difficult to work in, but DURA-BASE® mats have proven highly effective in providing safe, stable ground cover while protecting the environment in these areas.