Committed to Advancing Industry Sustainability Efforts

For more than 20 years, we've manufactured our fully recyclable DURA-BASE® Advanced Composite Mat System contributing directly to reductions in tree harvesting, carbon emissions and traffic in our communities. In 2010, we launched Evolution®, our flagship water-based drilling fluids system reducing the consumption of hydrocarbon-based products while drilling, eliminating the disposal of drilling waste contaminated with hydrocarbon residue, and improving employee health and safety.

These are just a few examples of our commitment to providing technologies that work in harmony with the environment. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and the positive impacts of our products below, or by clicking each of the brochures to the right.

Newpark has long been recognized as an industry leader in the development and application of award-winning high-performance water-based drilling fluids which provide environmentally sensitive alternatives to traditional oil-based drilling fluids. This has been the driving force behind Newpark's technological breakthroughs, such as the DeepDrill® and Evolution® systems. Our proprietary Evolution® system, launched in 2010, offers an environmentally sound water-based solution specifically designed to meet the rigorous operational demands of unconventional and high-temperature drilling.

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Positive Impacts on the Environment


At Newpark, our commitment to environmental sustainability is clearly demonstrated through the products we provide across multiple industries. We are also proud advocates of broad-based industry efforts aimed at providing solutions that support communities and protect our workers, the public and our environment. One example is through the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA), a trade organization that serves the offshore oil, natural gas and wind industries. Newpark’s leadership is actively involved in the NOIA ESG Network, which provides a platform to help drive enhancements to environmental sustainability.

Learn more about the NOIA ESG Network, Objectives, and Newpark’s role by clicking on their brochure.


"The use of advanced composite mats provides many benefits to Air Liquide, those benefits include the ability to carry up to 48 mats on a single truck, the ability to cover 8 linear feet instead of 4 linear feet per mat laid, the ability to remove greater than 30% of our carbon emission by reducing the number of trucks that we need to bring to the site. We also reduce the amount of equipment needed to set the mats, we reduce the amount of time it takes to set the mats reducing machinery costs, machinery emissions, crew costs and time on the right of way."

Robbie Hoff
Sr. Project Manager
Pipeline Engineering & Construction
As aired on CNBC's Advancements, a TV series hosted by Ted Danson

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"By using composite mats, NPPD was able to reduce the time required to set and remove the mats compared to the use of wooden mats. In addition, NPPD was able to significantly reduce the impact to the land, and as a result, the utility had less damage settlements than on past projects. Through the rental of composite matting, collaborating with landowners, working around weather conditions and making a concerted effort to minimize damages, NPPD’s construction crews were able to minimize the impact to landowners."

Mike Hasenkamp
Sr. Project Manager

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