Newpark’s long history of working as a responsible citizen within the communities in which we live and work has earned us a well-deserved reputation for sustainability. Our employees’ commitment to corporate responsibility drives us to continually improve operations through innovation, while working in harmony with the environment, and enhance the overall wellbeing of the communities around us and those of our customers.

Although our Core Values shape our approach to sustainability, the Newpark Guiding Principles of Sustainability serve as the structure for our current and future operations and drive how we conduct ourselves.

Community Stewardship – Newpark strives to make a positive impact upon the communities in which we and our customers live, work, and operate.

Financial Performance – By delivering superior value to all of our stakeholders, Newpark is able to outperform our competitors by providing unprecedented solutions that maximize our clients’ operations, and deliver growth and returns to our shareholders.

Health, Safety, & Environment – Safety is at the core of our culture and Newpark conducts operations that are safe and enhance the wellbeing of the environment, our employees, and those around us.

Technology – Newpark strives to lead the industry with innovative solutions and next generation technologies that work in harmony with the environment while improving our customers’ operational efficiency.