The transition from the drilling phase to the completion phase is viewed as a distinct, discrete operation requiring specialized expertise as the reservoir is prepared for completions. Newpark's focus in this area is to help our customers realize the full potential of their reservoir assets through the provision of an array of reservoir-focused solutions.

Newpark wants to ensure that the reservoir section is properly drilled and completed through use of products and systems, engineered to protect the reservoir from damage and extend the life of the reservoir asset.

Newpark provides innovative reservoir drill-in fluids (RDF), highly effective wellbore cleanup spacers and modeling, a comprehensive range of clear-brine fluids, completion fluid additives and filtration solutions. Our solutions are designed to preserve the innate permeability of the reservoir through the transition from drilling to completion operations.

Reservoir Fluids Solutions Flyer

ARTICLE For Successful Deepwater Completions – Select, Displace, Filter