Farther. Faster. Fusion®.

Increasing density through additions of soluble salts eliminates the need to add solids leads to breakthrough performance thought too good to be true.  This has proven to be a step change, greatly changing the economics of some of North America’s most important unconventional plays. 

Saturated brines provide excellent inhibitive properties. Additionally, the lubricity of these brines compare to conventional aqueous fluids.  With optimal heat transference characteristics, saturated brines greatly improve bit life over non-aqueous fluids (NAFs) in hard rock drilling.

Newpark’s Fusion® drilling fluid system uses local saltwater and production water sources, which allows a customized high performance drilling fluid at minimal cost and with reduced environmental impact.  Our proprietary chemical package is formulated specifically to each unique brine and drilling operation to address saltwater corrosion, solids removal, and torque and drag reduction.

In field use, the system is successful in sour critical wells with bottom-hole temperatures as high as 266°F (130°C),  mud densities as high as 13.35 lb/gal, and horizontal lateral lengths as long as 11,000 ft (3300 m).

CASE STUDY Fusion drills “the greenest well on the planet"

CASE STUDY Fusion I - Western Canada Basin, Alberta, Canada

CASE STUDY Fusion II - Western Canada Basin, Alberta, Canada

A review of Fusion® applications on Progress wells in Graham


Acceleration™ lubricant enhances rates of penetration (ROP) and increases lubricity in all water-based fluids, including Newpark’s proprietary Fusion drilling fluid system.

Prevention™ corrosion inhibitor is a film-forming amine that protects metal surfaces from corrosion in divalent brine fluids.

Protection™ corrosion inhibitor coats tubing, casing string and other metal surfaces, displacing brine fluids and protecting the metal from atmospheric corrosion.

Reaction™ scale inhibitor prevents calcium scales that occur when drilling with divalent brine fluids.

Reduction™ oxygen scavenger removes dissolved oxygen from all brine types.

NewStabil™ alkalinity control is soluble in saturated brine systems where the use of inorganic bases may not be ideal.