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Originally developed to satisfy an operator’s demanding Haynesville unconventional application in an environmentally sound manner, Newpark’s Evolution® system continues to be the world’s most popular high performance water based drilling fluid.  Over the last 6 years, the system has been used in over 4,000 wells.  Based on a sound scientific design methodology that has been extended using LEAN Six Sigma principles, today’s system continues to lower drilling costs for our customers.

The technology has proven itself in unconventional resource plays as well as in conventional applications including high pressure high temperature conditions.  The system has achieved broad use in various fluids from produced brines in the Bakken shale to potassium formate in southern Italy; at bottom hole conditions from over 400°F (204°C) in the Cooper Basin of Australia to shallow formations in northwest New Mexico; and at densities from 8.6 lb/gal (1.03 SG) in the Spraberry of the Permian to 18.8 lb/gal (2.25 SG) in Sichuan Province, China.

CASE STUDY Evolution HPWBM outperforms OBM

The patented Evolution system consists of the basic products for drilling performance enhancement integrated with a complete suite of additives.  These include thermally stable (to over 400°F) synthetic viscosifiers for fresh water and brine systems and filtration control solutions for brines that cover the full range of temperatures and brine compositions.

Newpark’s technical team knows that a standard formulation cannot be cost effective and deliver industry leading performance in every instance.  For that reason, each application is treated as a new opportunity to tailor a solution from our library of successes.  Company-wide constant compilation and updating of lessons learned provides a basis to deliver on the first well.  From that point the principles of Kaizenor continuous improvement are applied to reduce days on the well as well as overall well costs.

Evolution Brochure

CASE STUDY Evolution I - Williston Basin, ND

CASE STUDY Evolution - Val D'Agri, Italy

CASE STUDY Evolution - Jasper County, Texas


EvoCon® fluid conditioner is a water-based stabilizer ideal for unconventional wells. This high-performance additive optimizes the performance of both the EvoVis® viscosifier and the EvoLube® DPE lubricant blend.

EvoLube® G drilling performance enhancer is an extremely effective lubricant blend. EvoLube G is a central component of Newpark Drilling Fluids’ Evolution® high-performance water-based drilling fluid system. Engineered using Six Sigma techniques, EvoLube G optimizes potential performance improvements over previous EvoLube generations.

EvoLube® Torque Reducer (TR) lubricant decreases torque and drag while increasing the lubricity in water-based fluids, including brine-based systems.

EvoMod® low-end rheology modifier viscosifies water-based drilling fluids when downhole temperatures exceed 275°F (135°C). EvoMod boosts low shear rate rheology and is resistant to many common drilling contaminants, particularly CO2.

EvoTrol™ filtration control agent reduces fluid loss in water-based drilling fluids and provides gel strength for improved hole cleaning.

EvoVis® viscosifier is a proprietary anionic polymer that primarily provides viscosity and serves as an inhibitive coating agent for drilled cuttings in water-based drilling fluids. It also provides filtration control as a secondary function.

NewStabil™ fluid stabilizer control alkalinity in brine systems and extends the temperature stability of drilling fluid systems containing polymers derived from natural resources.