Benefits Of DURA-BASE® Over Wood And Steel Framed Wood Mats

Mats vs wood & steelKey Benefits of DURA-BASE®

  • DURA-BASE® Lowers Transportation Costs
  • DURA-BASE® is More Environmentally Friendly
  • DURA-BASE® Allows For Higher ROI
  • DURA-BASE® is Less Hazardous

DURA-BASE® Lowers Transportation Costs

  • DURA-BASE® is inherently lighter than wood, so you need fewer truckloads, which lowers logistics costs.
  • Over time, wood retains moisture, which increases its weight and therefore transportation cost.
  • Fewer truckloads means less damage to highways and roadways.

DURA-BASE® is More Environmentally Friendly

  • According to the Texas Forestry Commission, it takes 60 years to grow a milling size tree for a wood mat.
  • Wood mats retain contaminants and cannot be effectively cleaned, potentially cross-contaminating work sites.
  • Wood mats do not meet the requirements for use in spill management systems.
  • Wood mats are typically incinerated or disposed of in landfills. DURA-BASE® mats can be cleaned, reused or recycled.

 DURA-BASE® Allows For Higher ROI

  • Wood mats have a shorter product life cycle than DURA-BASE® mats, typically two to three years for 3-ply hardwood mats.  DURA-BASE® has an estimated 15 year product life cycle maximizing ROI.
  • Wood mats have higher maintenance and disposal costs than DURA-BASE® mats.
  • Wood mat fleets must be continually supplemented increasing material and labor cost.
  • A typical wood fleet may turn over as many as 5 times compared to a DURA-BASE® fleet.
  • DURA-BASE® is easier to install and remove, leading to greater cost efficiencies.

DURA-BASE® is Less Hazardous

  • Wood mats contain hazards such as nails, gaps and loose boards, exposing people to slips, trips and falls, and potentially damaging equipment.
  • Contaminants such as embedded hydrocarbons are retained in wood and are transported to other locations.
  • Wood mats trap solids between boards and cannot be cleaned, causing hazards on roadways.

Mats vs wood & steelDURA-BASE® mats: 46 mats per load, 4,186 square feet on average.

Mats vs wood & steel8' x 16' 3-Ply Wood Mats: 10 mats per load, 1,280 square feet, on average.