Newpark Drilling Fluids Asia Pacific

In early 2011, Newpark Drilling Fluids purchased the drilling fluids and related engineering services of Rheochem in Australia. With this acquisition, we acquired a highly respected product and service provider to the oil and gas and geothermal industries. This move gave us an immediate foothold in the growing Asia Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand and India.

Newpark Drilling Fluids Asia Pacific services the oil and gas industry with a customer focused approach. We provide client-specific drilling fluid solutions and access to the latest in drilling fluids technology through our worldwide technical support network and our Product Development Centre located in Perth, Western Australia. One of our key objectives is to achieve market leadership in product quality and innovation within the drilling fluids industry, which is achieved through investing in technical support facilities and highly trained staff.

Newpark Drilling Fluids has provided the drilling fluid products and engineering services thousands of wells in the region, and in particular has specialized experience in the following areas:

  • Offshore North West Shelf
  • Onshore Cooper Basin
  • Onshore Perth Basin
  • Coal Seam Gas, Australia
  • Geothermal, New Zealand
  • Onshore Oil & Gas, New Zealand

Being regarded as the industry leader in the provision of geothermal drilling fluids in Australia and New Zealand, we have previously shown our ability to design our geothermal drilling fluid systems for harsh drilling conditions.

Evolution® fluid remains stable, drills HPHT wells to 420°F, Cooper Basin, Australia: An operator in the Cooper Basin with no unconventional high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) shale experience sought a reliable, robust drilling fluid capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 420°F. Interested in a water-based solution, the operator asked Newpark about the capabilities of the Evolution system.