Newpark Drilling Fluids EMEA

In 2002, Newpark Drilling Fluids acquired AVA Drilling Fluids, a respected, privately owned drilling fluids company headquartered in Rome, Italy. This acquisition significantly broadened our geographic scope in Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and the Mediterranean. Since the acquisition, Newpark has also extended its reach into the Middle East and Africa. In addition to a full line of drilling and completion fluids, services include waste recovery, water recycling and drilling fluids disposal.

Our approach is achieving new synergies of performance by combining existing technologies into a single package and developing new approaches in mud chemistry. As a result, Newpark has rolled out a growing number of new cost-effective products maximizing our customers’ drilling performance.

We can provide technology-based drilling fluids in many areas of the EMEA regions, including:

  • Onshore Western Europe: Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Iceland, Germany, Malta, Albania
  • Onshore Eastern Europe: Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia
  • Offshore Black Sea: Romania, Bulgari
  • Offshore Mediterranean Sea: Italy, Libya, Tunisia
  • Onshore Africa: Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Congo
  • Onshore Middle East: Kuwait, Turkey, India, Oman, Saudi Arabia
  • Offshore Middle East: Saudi Arabia

Newpark brings a strong regional experience base with a reputation of service quality and engineering excellence. Our commitment to quality is highly formalized and consistently applied to all service-related activities we provide for our customers.  With our qualified personnel both in the lab, and on the rig-site, our mission is to provide drilling fluids products and services that enhance operational performance while being focused and committed to customers’ needs.

Novel water-based drilling fluid for HP/HT wells, Northern Italy: Well construction in deep HP/HT wells has been a major challenge over the years. The conventional understanding was that best results were obtained when low-toxicity, oil-based drilling fluids were used to address the adverse drilling conditions. However, the motivation to overcome the constraints related with this type of well while ensuring better performances and an enhanced environmental protection has led to research and the development of an innovative solution: a high-lubricity, water-based drilling fluid that could prove to deliver the desired results.

HPWBM Inhibits Shale, Offshore Mediterranean Sea: While drilling directionally through a highly reactive shale with a conventional KCl-Polymer drilling fluid, an operator encountered hole stability issues, including sloughing shale, stuck pipe, lost bottom hole assemblies and difficulty running casing. Newpark proposed the DeepDrill high-performance water-based system because of its proven history of inhibiting and protecting even the most reactive shales.