Product Description

DynaPlex™ filtration control agent is an environmentally friendly, high-temperature fluid loss control agent and rheology stabilizer specially formulated for use in water-based drilling fluid, including those with high salinity and hardness.

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Rheology Stabilization
DynaPlex additive is uniquely formulated to not increase the viscosity of weighted systems. It will not upset inverted polymeric rheology.

Water Loss Control
DynaPlex additive is 3-10 times more effective at controlling fluid loss than lignite. It tolerates high temperatures, even when fluid is salt or calcium contaminated and without forming excessive soluble bicarbonates. It increases the thermal stability of starches, PACs and CMCs.

Borehole Stabilization
DynaPlex additive is completely water-dispersible, but not completely water-soluble. The salt-tolerant, insoluble particles act as bridging agents in the wall cake. The result is a thin, tough, easily removed wall cake that is slippery and has reduced permeability.

Environmental Alternative
Unlike lignite, DynaPlex additive does not require caustic soda to yield. The EPA has approved its use for levels up to 10 ppb in all areas including sensitive wetlands. It is non-toxic.


DynaPlex additive is used in fresh, brackish, and seawater-based drilling fluids, primarily to control HPHT fluid loss and stabilize viscosity in the presence of chlorides and calcium. The product is recommended in high-temperature applications [over 300°F (149°C)] as it is thermally stable to exceed 400°F (204°C). It exhibits chloride tolerance up to 110,000 ppm and calcium tolerance to 800 ppm, with optimum performance at 400 ppm. It tolerates a pH of 6.0-12.5 and does not require caustic to yield. Rheological stability is best achieved if soluble bicarbonates are kept at a minimum with lime additions. DynaPlex additive is ideal for polymer systems where low fluid loss is desired and rheology stabilization is necessary, and for logging operations where low shear strengths prevent surge and swab pressures. It is also ideally suited as a high-temperature deflocculant in lime and gyp fluids, especially when the base fluid is seawater.

Treatment Recommendation

For improved response time and results, the DynaPlex additive should be pre-solubilized and added below the surface of the fluid system. For freshwater systems, concentrations are 1-3 lb/bbl. For saltwater systems, concentrations are 4-8 lb/bbl.

Typical Physical Properties

AppearanceDark brown to black powder
Bulk Density40 lb/ft³ (641 kg/m³)

Handling and Storage

Minimize exposure to dust. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Use appropriate hygiene, clothing and personal protective equipment suitable for work being done. Review the SDS thoroughly before using this product.


DynaPlex filtration control agent is available in 50-pound (22.7-kilogram) multi-walled bags.

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