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Product Description

DynaLose™ Y filtration control agent is a pre-gelatinized, yellow cornstarch used in water-based drilling fluids. It is effective in all water-based fluids, including seawater, salt-saturated, and high-hardness (calcium) drilling fluid systems.

Benefits Benefits

DynaLose Y starch reduces filtration by swelling and then blocking small openings in the filter cake. It will not significantly increase the rheological properties of the drilling fluid system in which it is used.

Application Application

DynaLose Y filtration control agent should be applied in an alkaline environment, which enhances its performance capabilities.

Treatment Recommendation Treatment Recommendation

DynaLose Y filtration control agent is used in concentrations of 2-6 lb/bbl, depending on the amount of drilled solids present in the drilling fluid system. Oxygen scavengers should be used to reduce thermal degradation. In the absence of high pH or high salinity, a bactericide should be used. DynaLose Y powder mixes readily into the system through the hopper at rates of 5-10 minutes per sack to prevent balling and fish eyes. Starch is subject to bacterial degradation. When used in freshwater drilling fluids with a pH lower than 11.5, a bactericide is required. DynaLose Y filtration control agent is stable at bottomhole temperatures up to 200°F (93°C).

Typical Physical Properties Typical Physical Properties

Appearance: Yellow powder
Specific Gravity: 1.5

Handling and Storage Handling and Storage

DynaLose Y powder is extremely slippery when wet. Minimize exposure to dust. Store in a cool, dry area away from ignition sources and strong oxidizing agents. Use appropriate hygiene, clothing and personal protective equipment suitable for work being done. Review the SDS thoroughly before using this product.

Packaging Packaging

DynaLose Y filtration control agent is available in 50-pound (22.7-kilogram) multi-walled bags.

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