DURA-BASE DEFENDERDEFENDER offers total site containment by combining Newpark’s industry-leading DURA-BASE® Advanced-Composite Mats with innovative components: DX4 SEALING TECHNOLOGY, Cellar Protection System, Integrated Wall Berms, and Drive Over Berms.

DEFENDER combines Newpark Mats & Integrated Services’ state-of-the-art manufacturing ingenuity with years of research and development, as well as extensive field trials. The new technology is backed by several existing patents and a number of patent pending applications.

Specialized System Components

DX4 Sealing Technology

Our proprietary DX4 SEALING TECHNOLOGY equips DURA-BASE®mats with redundant sealing capability – offering two layers of protection around every mat and across the entire pad.

The seals are fully integrated into each precision engineered mat, ensuring that on-site installation of the system is efficient and requires minimal labor.

Integrated Wall Berms, Drive Over Berms

The DURA-BASE® DEFENDER system utilizes integrated berms and drive over berms to offer a fully durable and navigable site solution. Berms connect directly to the sealed matting system, enabling full coverage all along the site perimeter.

Drive over berms allow equipment and foot traffic to easily access the site, while the wall berms offer added splash protection. The black and yellow color scheme provides improved visibility for added site safety.

Cellar Protection System

Our proprietary Cellar Protection System offers a maximum defense at a drill site’s most high-risk spill area – the cellar.

The system’s specially engineered components integrate with redundant DX4 SEALING TECHNOLOGY on the connected DURA-BASE® mats to offer triple protection at the cellar – resulting in a higher overall level of spill containment and security.

Specialized Handling

Newpark utilizes custom-designed grappling trucks to efficiently deliver and install the DEFENDER system; maximizing seal-to-seal contact across all sites. The truck ensures proper seal integrity, protecting them from damage during installation and removal.

Our specialized approach to delivery and installation enables safer system deployment without directly impacting the surrounding environment. For our customers this means total quality assurance, more efficient use of labor and additional cost-savings.