Why The DURA-BASE® Advanced-Composite Mat System™ Is Your Best Solution

alternative image text (SEO)Overlap lip & locking pin feature helps interlock each mat forming a continuous work surface.

alternative image text (SEO)The DURA-BASE® Safety Barrier Fencing System™ offers protection from unintentionally exiting the jobsite.

alternative image text (SEO)Reflectors and road marking features help guide traffic during nighttime activities.

alternative image text (SEO)The DURA-BASE® Road Marker System™ allows signage to be posted throughout the work area.

alternative image text (SEO)Grapple Truck; With this specialized vehicle, mats can be transported and laid from a single vehicle.

alternative image text (SEO)T-REX Mat Cleaning System is precision engineered to clean mats with unparalleled speed and efficiency, vastly reducing turnaround times and cleaning cost. Cleaning mats between jobs prevents cross-contamination from site-to-site.