Our industry-leading digital tools keep us one step ahead of your challenges.

Effective data analysis is one of the most powerful and valuable tools at your disposal. It’s never been more important. Newpark fluids specialists utilize innovative digital fluid solutions and software that bring together our vast fluids knowledge and historic well data with proprietary formation and rock properties to anticipate and overcome your challenges. Worldwide. Making informed, data-driven decisions to deliver consistent performance, leading best practices and a superior service – with no surprises.

We know the key to success is understanding exactly how the fluid system will behave in any circumstances you may encounter within your operations. That’s why we’ll leverage the latest cloud computing and analytical technologies to model and interrogate these potential scenarios – enabling us to develop the right solution for your well and any contingencies you need to cover.

Putting the smartest tools in the best hands

It’s not enough just to have the smartest tools for the job. You need the specialist expertise to know how to interrogate the data and make the right move at the right time. Our team of dedicated experts do just that – utilizing our leading-edge systems to add value by delivering best-practices, consistency of service, and share our knowledge on a global scale.

As the digitalization journey continues across the oilfield, we’ll keep investing in our digital solution capabilities to add value for our customers.

Fluid Thinking

The future of digital fluid solutions

Fluid Architect

Know your fluids

When it comes to fluids knowledge management, it’s important to get the basics right. From which fluids you’re using and how much you’re consuming to ensuring you’re accurately billed – we ensure you get to need the data you want, exactly how you want it.

  • Accuracy of billing
  • Daily Mud Report (DMR)
  • Real-time inventory
  • Fluids properties
  • Fluids, chemical and additive consumption
  • Standardized global reporting
  • Customizable end of well reports
  • Data for future analytics

Clear run. Stay on track.

Accurately model, simulate and avoid unscheduled events. We’ll help you understand the behavior of fluids in different conditions, formations, pressures, temperatures and operating conditions – to ensure successful drilling, completion and stimulations operations.

In a world where more complex drilling and critical wells (such as MPD) are becoming increasingly prevalent – balancing all fluid-related properties is crucial to safeguard operations.

  • Accurate ECD/ESD
  • Hole-Cleaning
  • Surge-Swab
  • MPD (including CML)
  • HPHT Rheological Modeling with Field Calibration
  • Temperature Modeling
  • Bridging based on rock properties
  • What-If Analysis

Efficiently displace to a clear well

Accurate modeling of pressures while pumping multiple fluids downhole is key to the successful displacement of fluids as you move between drilling, completion and production. ClearDepth allows for the seamless simulation of deepwater displacements – helping you design and plan the optimal conditions for multiple pumping stages and flow paths including choke, kill, boost lines, and circulating subs.

  • Up to 16 operation stages for land wells
  • Combination of 9 flow paths for deep water operations
  • Free-fall/back-fill (U-tubing) calculation
  • ECDs/pressures at various depths vs. time
  • Up to 12 fluids for each stage
  • Circulating temperature prediction
  • Fluid compressibility
  • Pressure and temperature-dependent rheology
  • Effects of pipe standoff on hydraulics
  • Circulation sub and gravel pack
  • Coiled tubing operation
  • Oil field, SI, and customized units
  • Flow split with 2 circulation subs

Close the gap

Protect your operation from costly NPT and the loss of high fluids volumes. Our ClearBridge lost circulation modeling and engineering platform keeps you ahead of the curve – allowing you to model and simulate natural and induced fractures in the formation. Meaning you can develop strategies to prevent induced fractures and identify where to proactively specify and run LCM to seal any fractures as they form.

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