Operators can encounter significant costs if lost circulation occurs on their wells. The risk of lost circulation increases when exploring new reservoirs beneath depleted zones. At these greater depths, hydrocarbon sources are found within complex geologic structures. As drilling complexity increases, the need increases for a fit for purpose wellbore strengthening (WBS) strategy to prevent and cure lost circulation. Wellbore strengthening strategies minimize the likelihood of lost circulation by arresting fracture growth and strengthening the wellbore. The result is an increased tolerance of higher downhole pressures under drilling and cementing conditions. Newpark’s array of proprietary products that address mechanical wellbore stabilization, commonly known as wellbore strengthening, are engineered to address various loss rate severities and fracture geometries.

Running the WBS products as a whole fluid treatment prevents induced fractures from growing. Fractures are sealed as soon as they begin to form. Using the WBS material in sweeps or dedicated pills is recommended only when downhole tools prevent whole fluid treatments.

CASE STUDY X-Prima - Nordeste Tupi Field, Offshore Brazil

CASE STUDY ProppFix and X-Prima - Eagle Ford Shale, Texas


PreFIX™ preventive seepage control blend is comprised of soft, compressible materials designed with an engineered particle size distribution. PreFIX™ provides excellent pressure isolation and protects the fracture tip.

ProppFIX™ is the next series in the WBS strategy for moderate loss rates. It is sized to bridge fracture apertures up to 1mm to form a seal. ProppFIX blend performance is maximized when used with PreFIX™ seepage control blend.

FracFIX™ is a remedial blend to bridge and plug natural and induced fractures with apertures up to 2mm to stop propagation. FracFIX blend performance is maximized when used with PreFIX™ seepage control and ProppFIX™ bridging blends.

X-Prima™ fluid loss squeeze is a proprietary blend of granular and fibrous materials in a one-sack, high-solids formulation. X-Prima squeeze material is particularly effective in the remediation of severe lost circulation.

Additional Bridging Products:

NewPlug™ lost circulation material (LCM) is comprised of groundnut hulls screened to provide an optimum particle size for all degrees of lost circulation. Fine, medium and coarse grades are available.

NewSeal™ lost circulation material (LCM) consists of deformable carbon particles selectively sized to efficiently plug porous formations and control wellbore seepage loss in all types of drilling fluid systems.NewCarb™ lost circulation material (LCM) is a finely ground limestone rock available in fine, medium and coarse grades over a wide particle size range.

NewCarb™ Plus bridging agent is a fully acid soluble, ground pure marble with a hardness (Mohs) of 2 or higher. NewCarb Plus is available in the following median particle sizes (d50): 10, 25, 50, 150 and 400.