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Reactive shales. HPHT formations. We know that critical well are going to expose your operation to the most challenging conditions. Our proactive solutions make sure you are ready for anything – bringing together our unparalleled experience, industry-leading design and engineering software, rigorous product assurance testing, and 24/7 worldwide support to keep your well on track. No matter what.

The performance advantages of WBM

Without the shale-related issues. We believe the presence of clay, gumbo or reactive shales should not stop you from gaining the performance benefits of water-based drilling fluids. And, thanks to our effective approach to shale inhibition, you can. Avoiding the swelling, wellbore instability, high torque and drag, and stuck pipe associated with the water phase of drilling fluids in these conditions.

Anticipating and solving shale issues Our team of scientists at the Newpark Technology Center laboratory analyze shale samples to determine the quantities and types of clays present in the shales. Based on decades of shale inhibition expertise, our scientists then formulate an appropriate inhibition package for that shale.

Key shale inhibition products and solutions

Our shale hydration inhibiting solutions include:

  • Emulsified Phase: improves the membrane and coats formation surfaces with non-aqueous film.
  • Supplemental salinity: lowers the water activity
  • Silicates: precipitate into pore spaces and onto the surfaces of shales and cuttings.
  • Amine: actively bonds to exchange sites in clays

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DeepDrill WBM eliminates stuckpipe issues and decreases NPT compared to conventional drilling fluid in reactive shales

DeepDrill system provided wellbore stability throughout problematic reactive shale interval

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Drilling performance of non-aqueous fluids is improved in challenging shale

A novel invert emulsion system using a polyglycerol internal phase to establish a shale/fluid membrane and controlling water activity

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Extreme downhole conditions

Resilient fluid performance.
The interaction of reservoir fluids, formations, and drilling fluids in the HTHP environment places extreme demands on your operations. That’s why Newpark fluids experts use our industryleading laboratory capability to perform all the rigorous testing required to ensure the system will perform as expected. In realworld downhole conditions.

Our holistic, field focused approach identifies the fluid and well characteristics required from initial fluid design through service quality and program implementation to well completion.

Advanced laboratory design and a field-focused outlook enable our operations managers to provide a fluid program

encompassing the design and operation that can withstand the most hostile environments – with total service quality.

Optimizing HTHP fluid performance in the field Our highly skilled fluids engineers run well site tests to ensure the execution of the fluid solution to the defined plan – while their extensive experience enables them to resolve any challenges they encounter. Quickly, efficiently and costeffictively.

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Evolution fluid remains stable, drills HPHT wells to 420°F

Remarkable consistency and predictable behaviour over the 4 well campaign

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Novel water-based drilling fluid for HPHT wells

Drilling time, environmental impact and associated costs reduced

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