The DURA-BASE® Advanced-Composite Mat System plays a vital role on construction sites by providing a safe and solid working platform for cranes, transport vehicles and staging areas.

Soft ground conditions and rough terrain can pose a number of challenges for crane operators, such as equipment sinking into soft ground, grass or mud, damage to the environment and surrounding property, and safety hazards for operators and the public.

With DURA-BASE mats, the weight of extreme loads is spread over a strong, smooth and stable surface area, allowing you to move large cranes and construction equipment easily into position over any type of ground conditions. The engineered surface is a uniform base upon which to construct scaffolding or platforms. The non-skid tread pattern and anti-skid surface enable tracked or wheeled vehicles to stop, turn and maneuver with ease. Twist-lock fasteners bring stability, convenience and versatility to the matted area.

Whether you are constructing from the ground up or renovating an existing structure, the DURA-BASE® system enhances the entire job site, providing easy access, stable work platforms and clean work areas. And, with our expert site evaluation and technical support services, we can help you create the optimal mat placement for your project.

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