Coiled tubing (CT) is used as a means to deploy various types of reservoir treatment chemicals at specific depths in reservoirs where significant permeability contrast exists over long intervals making bullhead type applications of the treatment chemicals inefficient.

Coiled tubing can be used to conduct acid treatments for scale removal, solvent treatments for the removal of wax or asphaltenes, and for the application of biocides or surfactants to improve injectivity.

Newpark offers products to enhance the deployment of the coiled tubing as well as increasing the useful life of the CT itself.

Newpark supplies components such as fluid –in-pipe and pipe-on-pipe friction reducers to allow for efficient treatment and ease of deployment in addition to specially engineered CT corrosion inhibitors for the protection of both the inside and the outside of the coiled tubing.  Specific corrosion mechanisms such as sulphide stress cracking can be prevented by using these types of corrosion inhibitors when deploying CT in sour environments.

Newpark also supplies the full line of acid components to formulated systems meeting CT specifications as well as other stimulation fluids such as solvents, biocides, and surfactants used in stimulation / remediation work with CT.