Specifically designed to minimize formation damage in workover and completion drilling operations, the AVAFULFLOW polymeric formulation contains specially sized and controlled calcium carbonate particles.

This formulation leads to excellent bridging action thereby avoiding filtrate loss. The AVAFULFLOW system produces a very thin, impermeable filter cake, which is easily removed when a low backpressure is applied (5-10 psi). As a result, no modification of rock permeability occurs. The system offers excellent return permeability and reservoir productivity. These characteristics make AVAFULFLOW useful as an LCM, while other LCM products, based on cellulose or calcium carbonate, require acid treatment or chemical washing to recover initial permeability.

When drilling in the reservoir, the system has very high viscosity values in low shear conditions, exceptional hole-cleaning, and solids removal in directional and horizontal wells.

Due to its fragile gel structure, the AVAFULFLOW system has low viscosity in high shear conditions, improving penetration rates and avoiding problems breaking circulation.

The system helps stabilize troublesome formations such as unconsolidated clays, sandstones, gumbos and many types of water-sensitive shale. The formation stabilization is derived from the development of a polymer film on the wellbore, inhibition in the wellbore and a high quality filter cake that minimizes fluid loss.