Newpark History

You don’t get to be a global technology leader in the oil and gas industry without being a part of the industry’s history. Newpark sprung out of the gold mines of Utah and evolved and adapted throughout the decades in response to market needs.

In 1932, New Park Mining Company was established as the consolidation of three mining companies: Star of Utah Mining Company, Mayflower Mines Corporation, and Park Galena Mining Company.

In 1968, Newpark entered the oil service business with its purchase of SOLOCO Inc., which built roads to swampy well sites. In 1972, the company changed its name to Newpark Resources, Inc. to reflect the change in its core business. The SOLOCO acquisition provided Newpark with the foundation for what would become Newpark Mats and Integrated Services.

In 1981, Newpark began its revolutionary oilfield waste service by opening Newpark Waste Treatment Systems.  This company provided environmental services at customers’ drilling sites. 

In 1988, Newpark Waste Treatment Systems became Newpark Environmental Services as we opened our own facilities where customers could bring oilfield and industrial chemical waste for us to process.

In 1997, Newpark began our process of assembling a world class drilling fluids business through a number of acquisitions followed by organic growth.

In 2002, Newpark acquired Italy-based Ava Drilling Fluids and Services, and began serving the Mediterranean basin and North Africa.

In 2010, Newpark Drilling Fluids launched Evolution®, an environmentally sound water-based drilling fluid solution to the rigorous operational demands of unconventional shale hydrocarbon development. The system’s effectiveness in demanding production intervals—including both directional kickoff from vertical to horizontal and subsequent long lateral sections through hydrocarbon-bearing shale sections—has proven its value as an environmentally superior solution to diesel-based fluid.

In 2011, Newpark acquired Australian-based Rheochem PLC’s drilling fluids and engineering services business, which provides drilling fluids and engineering services to the oil and gas exploration and geothermal industries. With operations in Australia, New Zealand and India, the acquisition gave Newpark an important footprint in the growing Asia Pacific region and supports the continued global expansion of the company’s drilling fluids operations.


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Core Values

Integrity - Acting honestly, ethically, and responsibly in all aspects of our business.

Respect - Dealing fairly and openly with employees, customers, suppliers and community.

Excellence - Delivering value through performance, innovation and service quality.

Accountability - Using good judgment and taking responsibility for our actions.