About Us

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Newpark Resources, Inc.

9320 Lakeside Blvd., Suite 100

The Woodlands, TX 77381          


We are leading our industry’s charge in innovation. Our technological experts are committed to matching performance criteria with cost-effective tools, refining and perfecting application techniques to provide solutions to a wide range of challenges.


All of our operating companies are committed to the goals of complying with relevant laws and regulations, and continually improving our HSE management systems so that our employees, customers and neighbors will experience a healthy, safe and secure environment.


Our  belief  in  the  highest  level  of  innovation  continues  to  ensure  that  our  products  are  ahead  of  the  curve.  But  that’s  not  enough.  Our  commitment  to  service  means  responding  to  our  customers  no  matter  what  their needs  may  be.

Global Reach

We are growing. Our global operations, from South America to Asia Pacific, are staffed with local experts driving R&D needs specific to their regions. Our growth strives to expand our expertise at a local level with global resources.

Added Value

Our company understands the importance of efficiency. For instance, when we say that using our drilling fluids is a “cleaner, faster and smarter” solution we mean it—less waste, faster completion times is the smartest way to do business.


We view sustainability as a powerful tool to help our customers meet today’s demands without compromising what’s essential for tomorrow.