Newpark Evolution® HTHP Drilling Fluids

Newpark Drilling Fluids water-based mud evolution

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Developmental Process

The Evolution® drilling fluid system is the result of an intense R&D initiative undertaken by Newpark to develop an environmentally sound water based drilling fluids solution to the rigorous operational demands of unconventional shale hydrocarbon development. System formulation and effectiveness is validated through laboratory investigation for use in specific operational areas.

Long coveted by operators who value both operational efficiency and responsible environmental stewardship, developing a water-based alternative to diesel-based fluids for extremely demanding drilling applications has historically proven particularly elusive to drilling fluid providers.

Through disciplined scientific method, the Evolution drilling fluid system was built from the ground up, incorporating entirely new water-based chemistry and components to create a unique, clean and rugged fluid developed specifically for unconventional shale gas applications.

The Evolution drilling fluid system’s developmental process was grounded in practicality, from examining field geology and establishing operational criteria through component identification, final system design and validation. No assumptions or shortcuts were accepted.

An uncompromised process is undertaken to qualify drilling fluid formulation for each and every proposed application for the system:

Hundreds of hours were devoted to each step in the process

  • Characterize the unique qualities of shales and anticipated overall geology found in the geographical area of interest.
  • Identify unique operational criteria of the specific field of interest.
  • Conceptualize system design
  • Identify components
  • Examine and validate formulations for application
  • Exhaustive HPHT rheological and contaminant testing
  • Stress system: Design for most hostile drilling conditions
  • Validation: Thorough testing with Newpark’s unique Downhole Simulation Cell

Overview of Field Results

The Evolution drilling fluid system has exhibited consistent, repeatable and predictable field results in scores of unconventional shale applications since its field introduction. The system’s effectiveness in demanding production intervals—including both directional kickoff from vertical to horizontal and subsequent long lateral sections through hydrocarbon-bearing shale sections—has proven its value as an environmentally superior solution to diesel-based fluid.

Exhaustive R&D testing, including validation testing with Newpark’s unique Downhole Simulator Cell, has yielded a fluid system perfectly suited for this rigorous application.

  • ROP: Equals or exceeds historical OBM results
  • PDC bits: Compatibility proven
  • Wellbore management: Ample inhibition; No wellbore issues in wells drilled to date
  • Density: Typical of conventional WBM
  • Temperature/contaminant tolerance: Proven in field use
  • Drill solids tolerance: Proven in lab; Validated in field


Evolution® tames pesky Mississippian in Northern Oklahoma’s Kingfisher County

Hart’s E&P magazine features another successful application of the Evolution® drilling fluid system in its March 2012 issue. In an unconventional shale application in northern Oklahoma’s Mississippian series, the system provided enhanced penetration rates and drilling performance in one of the region’s first extended reach wells. 

Newpark’s Evolution® system, a “win/win solution”

Harry Dearing, vice president of technology marketing at Newpark Drilling Fluids, tells American Oil & Gas Reporter that the ability to reduce operators’ drilling costs is a key factor in new water-based drilling fluid systems for horizontal drilling. 

System Components

Central Components

EvoVis® viscosifier
A rugged polymeric viscosifier and suspension polymer that stands up to extreme temperature (400°F), is unaffected by wellbore contaminants including CO2, and resists degradation resulting from shear or temperature.

EvoLube® drilling performance enhancer
A proprietary blend of environmentally sound lubricants providing coefficient of friction values typical of conventional oil-based fluids to provide excellent penetration rates while drilling and sliding in long horizontal shale production interval.


EvoMod® rheology modifier
A low-end rheology modifier to optimize drilling hydraulics and hole cleaning.

Other Base Products

Barite weighting agent

Caustic Soda
Alkalinity control

Contingency Products

NewSeal and NewCarb
(Recommended lost circulation materials)

Bicarbonate of Soda and Soda Ash
(Recommended for cement contamination)

Polymer Viscosifier

Low-solids formulation promotes consistent rheology control to optimize drilling hydraulics and hole cleaning; outstanding tolerance to drilled solids; may be weighted up like any typical water-based fluid

Lubricant Blend

Provides excellent ROP for drilling and sliding in long horizontal shale production intervals; PDC bit compatibility

Recyclable Fluids

Economical and logistically desirable

Few Components

Wellsite housekeeping is improved

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