Newpark Water Based & Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluids Systems


Drilling Fluid Systems

Leading the charge in drilling-fluid innovation, Newpark Drilling Fluids has introduced an effective group of proprietary products and fluid systems incorporating novel new components designed to advance the science of drilling demanding wells under harsh conditions.

Our approach is twofold: Achieving new synergies of performance by combining existing technologies into a single package; and developing totally new approaches in drilling-fluid chemistry. As a result, Newpark has rolled out a growing number of new cost-effective products maximizing our customers’ drilling performance.

Our technological experts match performance criteria with cost-effective tools, refining and perfecting application techniques to provide solutions to a wide range of geological challenges.

Central to this development is our respect for the environment, which is an ongoing driving force behind Newpark breakthroughs, such as DeepDrill® water based drilling fluids (as an alternative to invert emulsion systems) and the versatile FlexDrill system (customizable to address a wide range of drilling environments), as well as the CyberPhase (synthetic-based) and OptiPhase (diesel or mineral oil-based) salt-free internal phase invert systems. Likewise, Newpark has introduced a variety of proprietary products to provide solutions to age-old drilling challenges such as shale stabilization, inhibition and penetration rates.


Non-Aqueous Fluid Systems

oil based drilling fluid system

Newpark offers industry-standard diesel or mineral oil-based and synthetic-based systems

Water-Based Fluid Systems

Water Based Drilling Fluid System

Newpark’s FlexDrill proprietary product line is the output of the company’s ongoing R&D.

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