Oilfield & Industrial Drilling Site Preparation Services

Oil Field Site Construction

Newpark Mats and Integrated Services prides itself in providing the most professional and reliable oilfield construction services in the world.  Utilizing our advanced Dura Base Mat technology, Newpark constructs drilling locations that are paramount to the success of the drilling operation.  The following is a list of some of the services that Newpark offers for site preparations:

·      Clearing of trees and vegetation

·      Complete Development of location sites, reserve pits and access roads

·      Pit Closures/Drilling Site Cleanups

·      Soil Cementing and Permanent Rock locations

·      Well Head Plumbing, Production Hook-Up Services and Lease Maintenance services

·      Hydroseeding, site reclamation and erosion control services

·      Crane and pile driving services

Pre-drilling site assessment, soil sampling and laboratory analysis are part of the “dirty work” that must be completed when preparing a drilling location. Newpark has the personnel, equipment, facilities and know-how to provide your company with these services... and continue on through construction of permanent drilling sites using aggregate materials.

Getting to and from drilling sites can often present major challenges. Fortunately, Newpark has a wide and varied background in dealing with ecologically sensitive environment and transport issues. In fact, Newpark operates the largest mat rental business in the entire Louisiana-Texas Gulf Coast.


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